About us

About us

Arnal is a group of companies devoted to the Professional Services sector on a nationwide level. The spirit and values instilled by its founder, Jose Maria Arnal Gabarró in 1971, remain true to this day and continue to be our benchmark. Ever since its foundation, Arnal has evolved in line with changes occurring within its social and economic environment and has developed from the administrative management agency of its beginnings to a multi-professional services company.

In particular, Arnal currently consists of three brands, each specializing in specific services. One brand is responsible for the outsourcing of services and recovery and asset management, another specialises in consultancy and administrative management services, with its own legal department, and the third is dedicated to property management, urban leasing and real estate services.

Arnal has pioneered both the provision of professional administrative services for financial institutions and the outsourcing of pre-signature and mortgage formalisation services, started as far back as 1989, as well as the implementation of technological and telematic tools to deliver their services. In the late nineties, Arnal began its geographical expansion, which has led it to supplying services throughout the whole of Spain.

Currently, the Arnal group of companies is structured according to business area and speciality and are coordinated with one another through a single central management unit. We have a wide network of offices and regional branches that operate in parallel through the same technological platform.

Our team is currently made up of over 300 professionals, integrated into different companies, which Arnal puts at its customers disposal. The entire staff boasts a high degree of experience and qualifications and their sole aim is to provide an efficient and top-quality service.

Our customers are among the most important financial institutions of the State: appraisal management companies, notaries, law firms, national and international companies and an extensive list of private customers and professionals to whom we have had the honour and satisfaction of providing our services and with whom we have maintained close cooperation for many years.

The proper implementation and use of technology is the fulcrum on which our organisation is based and is a constant and ongoing challenge. To that end, Arnal provides itself with the necessary resources by means of its own design and project development team, in order to sustain and strengthen the present-day structures and at the same time, tackle the new challenges arising in the future.

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