Administrative Services

We guarantee the highest effectiveness of all the transactions carried out by our clients.


We, at Arnal, provide administrative services in the broadest sense of the word. In a nutshell, we take care of certain transactions on behalf of our clients in the different Public Administrative bodies in order to obtain the administrative outcome sought by the interested party.

Arnal has over forty years’ solid experience providing administrative services. Our highly qualified and extremely specialised team of seasoned veterans is a guarantee that all transactions entrusted to them will be handled professionally and efficiently.

The new technologies provide important platforms and tools to make handling affairs much easier and to improve the flow of information between our clients and ourselves. Our online administrative services make it possible for our clients to obtain information about our services and monitor the progress of their transactions on the internet or in the social networks. We provide personalised services to all the clients, whether companies or private individuals, who come to us.


Processing public, private, administrative, and judicial documents

We, at Arnal, take care of processing all types of documents, whether public, private, administrative, or judicial. Our administrative services team in Barcelona is responsible for the entire procedure until the document in question has been duly processed and the desired outcome achieved.

This often involves handling payment processes, submitting proof of payment of the relevant taxes, and registration of properties included in the documents in the Land Registry. For us, processing documents also includes a final validation of all stages of the process to verify that the outcome achieved is consistent with what was sought.

Arnal’s administrative services team is responsible for the entire procedure until all types of documents have been duly processed.

Processing administrative enquiries

“Arnal is in charge of processing administrative enquiries, a service that encompasses a wide variety of different transactions that have to be carried out before the Public Administration”.

Processing administrative enquiries encompasses a wide variety of different transactions that have to be carried out before the Public Administration and also includes all those that are the subject of an administrative enquiry. The entire process is thoroughly monitored from start to finish until its resolution. This area includes both enquiries initiated by clients and enquiries initiated by the Administration in which the client is the interested party or the respondent.

Our mission is to defend and act in our clients’ best interests, and monitor and validate the full completion of the administrative process. In case action beyond that which is strictly administrative is necessary as a result of the administrative enquiry, we will refer the enquiry to our law firm for legal advice and its resolution.

Handling Land Registry and cadastral records

Among the proceedings handled by us here at Arnal, most have to do with those initiated by the Public Administration itself. A large proportion tends to be linked to the holding, ownership, and location of properties, particularly in relation to cadastral records, ownership records, and the physical configuration of urban and rustic lands.

Handling cadastral records and/or Land Registry records involves all proceedings that have to do with the registration, amendment, and change of description or ownership. Arnal ensures that the physical, descriptive, and ownership statuses of a property are consistent between the Real Estate Cadastre office and the Land Registry to verify that both records are in line with what legislators intend. Supervising cadastral evaluations is also part of our services, as these have clear tax implications.

“Most of the proceedings handled by Arnal tend to be linked to handling Land Registry and cadastral records”.


“Arnal’s administrative services team is responsible for the entire procedure until all types of documents have been duly processed”.

Management and follow-up of subsidies, agreements, and aid

We also take care of the management and follow-up of subsidies, agreements, and aid requested by both private individuals and companies. Although these tend to form part of processing administrative enquiries, they have their own peculiarities that require individualized and specialized treatment, given the different types that exist.  Among the most requested are subsidies for staff training, for business expansion, for start-ups, and to open new lines of business.

Obtainment of certificates in Administrative Registries

As part of our services, on behalf of our clients, we also obtain certificates from administrative registries such as the Registry Office, the Patent and Trademark Office, the Intellectual Property Office, and the Municipal Registry, among others.

Our system for obtaining the certificates is based on a quick and simple methodology, and in addition, we make sure that what is received is exactly what was requested, and that the certificate obtained is suitable for the intended purpose.

“Our system for obtaining the certificates is based on a quick and simple methodology”.

Proceedings related to movable property, vehicles, and traffic

“Our services include all transactions related to movable property, vehicles, and traffic”.

Our services also include all transactions related to movable property, vehicles, and traffic. In this regard, we take care of all proceedings that arise from vehicle purchase and sale agreements and transfers, of drawing up and filling in documents and official forms, and the payment of taxes to the Public Administration.

Vehicle registrations, changes in ownership, changes of address in the driver’s license, vehicle deletions, as well as filing appeals against fines before the DGT or any other public institution, are some of the other administrative services that we also provide.


As part of the administrative services that we provide, we handle all proceedings related to conveyances by will and we provide advice and support to the interested parties in obtaining and safeguarding all the required information and documents.  Once such information and documents have been obtained, we advise the interested parties on how to structure—in the most suitable way possible from the civil and tax viewpoints—their interests arising from the conveyance by will.

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