Property Administration

We guarantee the proper functioning of Owners’ Associations.


The management and administration of property and Owners’ Associations is one of Arnal’s flagship services.

We make every effort to become fully familiar with the special characteristics of each community and to ensure that everything goes smoothly, creating an atmosphere of safety and trust which is conducive to harmonious coexistence.

Administration of owners’ associations

Owners’ Associations are worlds in themselves, each with its own special characteristics and differences, which must be addressed in a way that is satisfactory for all the members in order to obtain the agreements necessary for harmonious coexistence. We are duly licensed Property Administrators with license number 4126 issued by the Barcelona and Lleida Property Administrators’ Association and license number 437 issued by the Girona Property Administrators’ Association, credentials that testify to our professionalism.

Owners’ Associations account for one of the greatest spheres of activity among the Property Administration services that we provide. The golden rule of Arnal’s property management is ensuring that everything goes smoothly in the community, as well as handling everyday matters and finding satisfactory solutions for everyone, whether individuals, owners’ groups, or investor or corporate groups are involved. We, at Arnal, make a clear distinction between the administration of vertical and horizontal properties, and we have experts in the management of both types of properties.

Daily management tasks for a horizontal community involve ensuring that everything goes smoothly, all its shared facilities work properly, and handling incidents. In addition, thanks to our trusted providers, we take care of managing and supervising, among other matters, façade renovation, items that fall on the street, neighborhood disputes, or lift repairs.

Likewise, it is also the duty of the property administrator to manage and keep track of the association’s accounts and call for owners’ meetings, whether ordinary or extraordinary. Similarly, an owner usually has certain needs when marketing a property or business premises, such as obtaining a certificate of occupancy or an energy performance certificate in order to rent out a home. Thanks to a close collaboration with trusted architects, our team takes care of this type of proceedings and services for our clients.


“The management and administration of owners’ associations is one of the flagship services that Arnal’s real estate division has been providing for many years now”.

Handling property related incidents

For vertical properties, Property Administration mainly involves rental management. After finding a real estate product, marketing it, and renting it out, our property administrators take care of managing this rental, which involves collecting rental payments, applying the relevant increases established in the lease contract, enforcing the contract clauses and conditions, and monitoring the economic impact of this rental. In addition, as with the horizontal communities, the property administrator is responsible for addressing and providing solutions to the everyday incidents that may arise.

Aside from the basic tasks of property administration, our team also takes care of signing lease contracts whenever a new contract or a renewal is required after the termination of a contractual relationship. It is a highly personalized task, which in many cases involves emotional factors, as the home is a very important part of our clients’ lives. This is why whenever a client—whether an owner or a tenant—gets in touch with our team to resolve an incident, we always provide a quick and efficient response for each situation.

“Arnal provides property owners with the assurance that we will look after their property, placing energy saving resources within their reach, and providing them with good tenants, ensuring peace of mind”.

In order to ensure excellent service, the property administrator must be up to date with all legislative changes—whether regulatory, legal, or technical— that involve changes or conversions which may affect the property.

At Arnal, we respond quickly and with great attention to detail, and we deal with our clients personally, without any intermediaries.  Furthermore, we provide property owners with the assurance that our team will look after their property, place energy saving resources within their reach, and provide good tenants who meet their payment obligations on time, ensuring peace of mind.

Administration of housing developments, compensation boards, and landholders

Another of the services offered by Arnal Property Administration is the administration of housing developments, compensation boards, and landholders. Plots of land require the expertise of specialized administrators, as in the case of industrial buildings, which are governed by a different system. For this reason, at Arnal, we have administrators who are specialized in this type of system in order to ensure that these properties and plots of land are managed in the most professional and up-to-date manner, in terms of both current legislation and specific regulations, providing our clients with absolute peace of mind.

“The Administration of housing developments, compensation boards, and landholders is one of the flagship services which Arnal is known for on the market”.

Property Administration is one of the flagship services which Arnal is known for on the market. Back in 1985, the associations of the first blocks of flats that our real estate division began to manage were established. Thus, the management and administration of Owners’ Associations of horizontal communities was one of the driving forces—and continues to be so to this day— behind our Real Estate Services and Property Administration division in Barcelona. In this division, as in the rest of the areas of our organization, we continually make every effort, with great passion and dedication, to administer Owners’ Associations that are shining examples for neighbors, tenants, and owners alike.

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