Urban Leases

We handle all the procedures related with property rental.


Managing property rentals or leases is one of Arnal’s key strengths.

Owners of all types of homes leave the day-to-day responsibilities of managing property rentals in the hands of our team of experts. Likewise, they rely on us to resolve any setback that may arise in the matter of leases.


Find your property

If you are interested in buying or renting a property, contact Arnal in order to find the alternative which best suits your needs.

Aiming to save you a wide search, we offer you this feasible searcher that will pave your path towards the property of your dreams.

Specify your requirements on the following fields and you will have available the options that best suit your particularities, from anywhere and at any time.

Property rental

Property owners who entrust Arnal with the responsibility of managing their rentals do so with the total confidence and absolute peace of mind that a team of professionals is on hand to look after them in all aspects. We keep them continually apprised of the best way to proceed and of everything that may happen in relation to their home or property. We always stand by the owners’ side, keeping them informed of how the management of their property is going at all times.

Rental management, monitoring, and update

At Arnal, we are committed to getting as close as possible to our clients from our headquarters at Calle Valencia, 245 in Barcelona, and also through the opening of our first real estate office right in the heart of the city center of Barcelona, which handles property purchases and sales, rentals, urban leases, and Property Administration.

Our Real Estate Services division provides services to people who wish to rent a home and property owners alike. Once Arnal has chosen the ideal tenant to rent the property—who pays punctually and is completely reliable—we take care of collecting rent and turning it over, securely and unfailingly, to the owner.

“Arnal provides services to both people who wish to rent a home and property owners alike”.

Property rental

“Arnal provides property owners with the total confidence and absolute peace of mind that a team of qualified professionals is on hand to look after their best interests”.

Rental asset advisory services and management

The management service also requires a constant update of the rent based on what is established by law: for example, whether it is necessary to apply the CPI on an annual basis or not. This also involves being aware of whether the tenant has any pending monetary obligations as a result of any actions carried out in the home or building. Whether you are a property owner or someone interested in leasing a property, you can certainly rely on the vast experience and quality service provided by our highly specialized team.

“Our clients rely on our vast experience and quality service, provided by professionals who always offer personalized and specialized services”.

Asset valuations

Asset valuation is another service that we provide. Whenever our clients need a property appraisal, we take care of drawing up the property profile. By specifying its characteristics, it is possible to make a valuation of its current status and the yields that it provides in order for our clients to make the right informed decision about their property—whether a home, business premises, a parking space, a storage space, or even a piece of land.

“At Arnal, we take care of property appraisals and we draw up a property profile that shows the current status of the property”.

Delinquency control and management

Nowadays, one of the most sought-after services is delinquency control and management. Despite making every effort to find tenants who meet their obligations punctually and responsibly, as well as owners who fulfill their monetary obligations in the Owners’ Associations, there are cases when it is necessary for our company to act as a mediator to demand the payment of rent, follow up on its status, and handle the situation properly and as empathetically as possible for all the parties involved.

If a lawsuit is called for, we take advantage of the synergies with our legal department to provide solutions as quickly as possible. We constantly follow up on this type of conflicts so that property owners need not overly concern themselves with a situation that is never pleasant for anyone.

“Delinquency control and management is one of the most sought-after services nowadays”.

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