BPO & legal services

BPO – Legal Advice and Legal Services

We offer a broad range of services that respond to the needs of our clients.

Legal and Administrative Procedures


  • Legal and pre-trial procedures. Fields: Civil Bankruptcy Mortgage Real Estate Debt Collection and Recovery
  • Legal advice and procedures in Urban Rental and Horizontal Property Law.
  • Contentious-administrative and tax proceedings
  • Expropriations. Financial and banking law.



  • Appeals against ratings of the Property Registries.
  • Administrative appeals in tax, civil and Public Administration areas.
  • Other appeals.

Legal advice


  • Advice and drafting of minutes.
  • Management of legal transactions
  • Analysis, negotiation and drafting of contracts.
  • Taxes.

Financial Compliance


  • Data Protection.
  • KYC, PBC, SAR.
  • RSC, reputational and channel for complaints.
  • Application of the value market law.
  • Internal behaviour codes and standards.

Other specialised services


  • Mortgage title records.
  • Urban plans.
  • Expropriations. Financial and banking law.

Proceedings with Public Administrations


  • Mortgage and Commercial Law.
  • Proceedings with the Registry for Property, Commerce and Moveable Assets.
  • Cancellation of registration charges.
  • Proceedings for reconciling physical realities with records. Registration, segregations, new construction, horizontal division, subdivision
  • Administrative Law.
  • Procedures with Public Administrations, monitoring of administrative records.
  • Procedures on the matter of movable assets and vehicles.
  • Management and monitoring of subsidies, agreements and disciplinary files.
  • Urban records and expropriations.